Where You Can Get Emergency Food: Christmas/Holiday Edition

Feed Geelong is preparing it’s annual Christmas/Holiday period Where I Can Get Emergency Food document, and is looking for help and information from local food support organisations. 

If your organisation is participating in the distribution of food relief within the region please provide the following information no later than COB 12th of November, with the aim of sharing the information on the Feed Geelong website as part of the ‘Where Can I Get Emergency Food Relief’ document. 

  1. Holiday Closures and Openings  – Please let Feed Geelong know when you will be open and closed over the December/January period and any additional information that may be useful to people looking for food assistance.

    i.e. you may be closed for your regular times but holding a special meal or open a special day, or maybe even open to emergency calls.


  1. Holiday Food Collection – Is your organisation a drop off point for individuals/ organisation who are
    collecting food prior to the holiday period? 

    Please provide the following information and it will be collated and shared on the Feed Geelong website:

    • Collection start and finish date:
    • Location of drop off:
    • Specific items you are wish to have donated/purchase: 


  1. Volunteer opportunities over the holiday period– If you have any specific needs during the December/January period, related to providing meals, collecting food, delivering meals etc. please let us know.

    We get many requests from the public about how they can help during the holiday period, and we would love to point them your way if helpful.  This too will be shared on the
    Feed Geelong website.


  1. Floor Decals Feed Geelong have a number or Floor Decals  (see below example, Approx. size 40cm round) still available.  If your organisation would like some let me know the amount and we can organise a suitable time for pick up/delivery.

Please provide all information to Feed Geelong via email to feedgeelong@givewhereyoulive.com.au by COB on Friday, 12th of November.


Click here to view the current “Where I Can Get Emergency Food Document”