Right Time, Right Place – supporting the wellbeing of our community

Supporting the wellbeing of community who have experienced a crisis or a significant change in their circumstances.

The Quick Help Guide and Holiday Help Guide were developed by BATForce in partnership with the CO+Chat Network in 2020.

As the project has evolved two needs were identified:

  1. we needed to build a support board with more generalist health and wellbeing information for the general community
  2. whatever we developed needed to have a focus on those who identify as Men and Fathers.

The Committee for Geelong’s  2022 Leaders for Geelong Project has been instrumental in developing these resources along with a communication plan to ensure the resources are both relevant and target the right communities at the right time.

So when it came time to name the resource, the ‘Right Time, Right Place’ was a no brainer.  

The ‘Right Time, Right Place’ is a broad resource that includes; lists of services, podcasts, ted talks, youtubes and websites. The CO+Chat group and BATForce have agreed to continue to ensure the information on the support board remains relevant and up to date.

The ‘Right Time, Right Place‘ is a visual web-based tool that empowers the user to find information in an accessible and simple way. This resource is a valuable tool in supporting the wellbeing of men and everyone within the Greater Geelong community.

Support your friends, workers and family by downloading and sharing this resource widely.