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The Barwon Adolescent Taskforce (BATForce) is an alliance of organisations in the G21 region with a stake in the provision of services with and for young people. 

These organisations focus on young people aged 10 to 25 and from all socio-economic, cultural and geographical areas within the region.  Services range from universal (for all young people), early intervention (for young people at risk) and tertiary (for young people at extreme risk).

As an alliance, BATForce is the vehicle to identify, develop, implement and evaluate service and sector enhancement activities that optimise the capacity of each independent organisation. BATForce has the scope to focus on the themes that are broader than any one individual agency.

BATForce has delivered literally hundreds of sectoral and community development projects from it’s inception in 1979 and has published widely on a range of topics in addition to establishing a culture of co-operation and collaboration across its extensive membership.

Practical approaches to service co-ordination

BATForce has developed practical approaches to service co-ordination with an emphasis on routinely sharing information resources across the youth sector to avoid the duplication of effort.

It is not possible or desirable for every single agency to totally comprehend the funding maze out there – BATForce plays a role in collecting and disseminating this information for all agencies.

Nor is it possible or desirable for every agency to develop a comprehensive, current overview of the needs of young people – BATForce is an information vehicle that accumulates this information for every agency.

Rather than wasting effort on re-inventing programs BATForce is a meeting place for ideas and sharing of practice by facilitating and supporting collaborative programming.

Rather than seeing every agency struggle to represent the youth sector BATForce simultaneously represents its members and the youth sector for our region.

BATForce is a membership driven; collaborative service co-ordination vehicle that proactively responds to changing needs of both service providers and young people.

BATForce has a practical structure and approach

BATForce is an independent incorporated association in the State of Victoria and operates a simple, practical structure based on a membership model.

Member agencies pay an annual subscription fee and receive services and benefits. Members elect office bearers at the annual general meeting and play a direct role in the development of directions and policies. The monthly meetings focus on information dissemination and tracking long term projects.

Where an issue warrants action members establish short term working parties with the authority and responsibility to act independently.

In short, the structure and approach could not be simpler.

BATForce is based on a participatory model

The principle of participation is fundamental to the operation of BATForce. The alliance is only as strong as the contribution made by its member agencies.

The roles of the BATForce Executive (Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer) are drawn from the agencies.

The leadership roles offered by BATForce provide youth workers with an opportunity to develop skills in project management and sector development that adds value to both the operation of the agency of that worker and the overall support for services in the region.

Working parties, established to achieve short term outcomes are a further development opportunity for BATForce members.