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You Can Ask That

Sometimes asking questions about what you’re going to do when you leave school and the pathway to your next step is tough – sometimes you just don’t know what to ask. 

We spoke to students from Northern Bay College and asked them to share important questions about the first steps into their future. 

The multicultural group was able to help with both questions and answers in Arabic, Dari, Karen and Swahili. 

Mindful Minutes

Mindful Minutes is a series of short videos that discuss and share Mindfulness tools and exercises that guide young people to build an understanding of ways in which they can be more present, more aware and more in control of their emotions and behaviours.  

Fiona Luca of ‘move, with Fiona’ steps you through a combination of simple Mindfulness and Meditation practices that enforce that through finding stillness, connecting with our breath and making sense of our emotions, we can in fact support ourselves better during times of overwhelm, anxiety and distress. 

Project Care

Project Care aims to develop young people’s self-regulation skills through yoga and mindfulness techniques.  It has a focus on learning grounding exercises, developing body awareness, creating positive outlooks and energizing techniques to support them at times of stress or when they are experiencing anxiety

Fiona Luca of ‘move, with Fiona’ teaches helpful skills to reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration, make better decisions, calm the mind and increase feelings of happiness and reduce other stressors in young people’s lives. 

Activate Online

Activate Online is a program that encourages young people to utilise their own body and simple household items to create their own exercise program.  Various styles of exercise workouts are explored allowing young people to find out what works for them.  Sessions follow the same, simple structure so that workouts are easy to replicate at home at any time.