Right Time, Right Place – supporting the wellbeing of our community

Supporting the wellbeing of community who have experienced a crisis or a significant change in their circumstances.

The Quick Help Guide and Holiday Help Guide were developed by BATForce in partnership with the CO+Chat Network in 2020.

As the project has evolved two needs were identified:

  1. we needed to build a support board with more generalist health and wellbeing information for the general community
  2. whatever we developed needed to have a focus on those who identify as Men and Fathers.

The Committee for Geelong’s  2022 Leaders for Geelong Project has been instrumental in developing these resources along with a communication plan to ensure the resources are both relevant and target the right communities at the right time.

So when it came time to name the resource, the ‘Right Time, Right Place’ was a no brainer.  

The ‘Right Time, Right Place’ is a broad resource that includes; lists of services, podcasts, ted talks, youtubes and websites. The CO+Chat group and BATForce have agreed to continue to ensure the information on the support board remains relevant and up to date.

The ‘Right Time, Right Place‘ is a visual web-based tool that empowers the user to find information in an accessible and simple way. This resource is a valuable tool in supporting the wellbeing of men and everyone within the Greater Geelong community.

Support your friends, workers and family by downloading and sharing this resource widely.

WorkCare Factor – a wellbeing digital resource for workplaces and young workers

WorkCareFactor helps you understand the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace, start conversations and find practical solutions. 

We know that mentally healthy workplaces keep staff engaged, working safely and feeling happy at work. All that adds up to increased productivity and reduced costs. About half of us will experience a mental health issue at some time in our lives, so improving the emotional and mental wellbeing of your workplace just makes (business) sense. 

The Give Where You Live Foundation was funded by WorkSafe’s WorkWell program to lead a WorkWell Learning Network to devise tools and resources to help create mentally healthy and safe workplaces, especially for young employees.  

In partnership with Management Governance Australia and Barwon Adolescent Taskforce, they collaborated with 20 local small/medium businesses and service organisations, across industry sectors from across the G21 Region, as well as young workers, to co-design solutions and find practical resources to assist you to implement change. 

The WorkCareFactor digital resource is an outcome of this co-design process.  It is a tool to understand mental health in the workplace, start conversations, and find practical resources. Hear from real managers and workers from small/medium businesses in our region. Explore their stories, then follow up with easy-to-use hints and tips, plain language policies and templates, ready to apply in your workplace. 

Why? Because caring is good for business. 

Where Can You Get Emergency Food Relief

Where Can You Get Emergency Food Relief in Geelong:  Feed Geelong 

An initiative of the Give Where You Live Foundation; Feed Geelong commenced in 2012 with the mission of addressing the Geelong region’s food insecurity crisis. By providing support to the Geelong emergency food relief system with cash and in-kind support, it ensures those most in need don’t go hungry. 

Feed Geelong aims to raise awareness of the food insecurity crisis on our doorstep whilst raising valuable funds to assist our region’s emergency food relief system which is working on a daily basis helping the men, women, and children in our community who are struggling to put three nutritious meals on the table each day. 

There are many organisations that provide food assistance in the local Geelong region. Feed Geelong has prepared a When You Can Eat document that contains the most current information regarding who, how, when, and where food assistance is currently available across the Geelong region. 

No one deserves to go hungry

An estimated 717,883 meals are provided by the food assistance system in Geelong every year

Get Suited For the Job has a new face!

Get Suited For The Job has a new face


Encompass ReadyStart has amalgamated with Get Suited for the Job. 

The Get Suited for the Job initiative assists job seekers in the Geelong Community to prepare for job interviews, work experience and training. 

Each job seeker is provided professional clothing and a one-on-one styling session. The aim of the initiative is to grow the self-confidence in those experiencing hardship on their road to employment.

The Get Suited team can also support individuals within the community who require attire in unprecedented circumstances such as funerals or court appearances.

Items available include:
· Tops              · Skirts                        · Pants
· Shoes            · Accessories              · Jackets


This great service is now homed at Encompass ReadyStart, located at 138A Wilsons Road, Whittington.

Get Suited at ReadyStart is available and complimentary via referral from community organisations and various job ready organisations – check with yours now!

Alternatively, if a referral is unavailable this service is offered at $50 per person and invoiced directly to the organisation or individual accessing the service.

The Get Suited at ReadyStart team also offers facilitated group styling sessions for participants in association with Job Active and Employment Networks, programs and initiatives.

Want to find out more?

Encompass ReadyStart

138A Wilsons Road, Whittington VIC 3219
P:  5248 4784
E:  readystart@encompass-cs.org.au
Mon – Fri: 9.30am – 4pm


Upcoming Events in May for Drummond Street Services

Our friends at Drummond Street Services do some amazing work supporting the health and wellbeing of people and families in the Greater Geelong and Barwon regions. As well as recommencing face-to-face appointments with clinicians as of May 3rd, drummond street services has prepared a comprehensive list of events and groups for the upcoming month.

Turning into Teens

Teaching skills and strategies to help your teen express their emotions in healthy ways, this program seeks to help young people better articulate their thoughts and feelings effectively.

Held over six sessions, this program is perfect for those seeking to connect to their young person more effectively on an emotional level and help them strengthen their emotional intelligence.

April 29th 7 pm – 9 pm
May 6th 7 pm – 9 pm
May 13th 7 pm – 9 pm
May 20th 7 pm – 9 pm
May 27th 7 pm – 9 pm
June 3rd 7 pm – 9 pm

Where: Kurrambee Community Centre
12 Merrijig Road, Torquay.

Cost: $20 or free with a concession card. 

To Book: Click here to book or call (03) 9663 6733 for more information.

Top Gear

A seminar for parents of children who can be feisty, tricky, super energetic or who seem to be operating at top gear most of the time.

Perfect for parents who are looking to develop their skills in dealing with the inevitable tough behaviours that pop up and encouraging positive interactions.

May 11th 9:30am – 11am
May 18th 9:30 – 11am
May 25th 9:30am – 11am
June 1st 9:30am – 11am

Where: Grovedale Community Hub
45 Heyers Road, Grovedale.

Cost: $20 or free with a concession card. 

To Book: Click here to book or call (03) 9663 6733 for more information.

A Dad's Night In

A night for dads from across Geelong and the Surfcoast community to come together and share their insights and experiences in a relaxed setting.

19th May 7pm

Where: Driftwood Café
64D The Terrace, Ocean Grove.

Cost:$10 (donated towards Right Mate in support of men’s mental health).

To Book: Click here to book or call (03) 9663 6733 for more information.

Free Group for Parents of Children With A Disability

A free Zoom session for parents of children aged 0-6 living with a disability to help parents see different ways of thinking and parenting to feel more confident and optimistic.

You’ll meet other families in similar situations and explore approaches most likely to help manage your worries and help your unique child reach their full potential.

Every Tuesday at 5:30pm starting from June 1.

Where: Driftwood Café
64D The Terrace, Ocean Grove.

Cost: $10 (donated towards Right Mate in support of men’s mental health).

To Book: Click here to book or call (03) 9663 6733 for more information.

Applicants needed for Women with Disabilities Victoria Youth Project Group

Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV) is searching for paid participants for their Youth Project Co-design Group (YPCG).  

The YPCG will consist of 10 members aged 15-25, who will work together and help design leadership opportunities that WDV will deliver.

The group will run from April to August 2021 with meetings held weekly (Applications close 9 am on Monday 26 April.)

Participants will be paid for their time.

Applicants will:

  • Be aged 15-25
  • Be a girl/woman (cis or trans), or a person who is non-binary, genderqueer, genderdiverse, femme identifying or of another marginalized gender.
  • Be comfortable in a women’s centred space.
  • Be someone:
    • With a disability (physical, sensory, intellectual, cognitive etc.)
    • Who is deaf/hard of hearing.
    • Lives with a chronic illness and/or pain.
    • Who is neurodiverse (e.g. autistic.)
    • Who lives with mental health challenges.
  • Be interested in helping shape what leadership opportunities should look like for girls/women with disabilities.
  • Be willing to share ideas and give constructive feedback.

WDV also aims to have YPCG members with a wide range of experiences and knowledge that can be represented and shared. People from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply, including people with LGBTQIA+, Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) AND Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.


Applications close 9am Monday 26 April. 

View more information about the opportunity here. 

Apply here now.

Apply here now (Easy English).

To talk to someone about this great opportunity or for assistance with the application, please contact Bridget Jolley at WDV (Women’s Empowerment Officer – Youth), via phone: 03 9286 7800, or email: youth@wdv.org.au.