The BATForce Team

We couldn't do it without them

The BATForce Staff


Leigh Bartlett

Executive Officer

Leigh got her start in education, before working a range of roles in disability, local government and has even had a stint in the private sector. Ultimately it was Leigh's passion towards improving the opportunities of young people in the Geelong community that led her to her work with BATForce. Working with BATForce allows Leigh to focus on improving the opportunities for young people and their communities.

On working with young people and the organisations that support them in the Greater Geelong region, Leigh emphasised that "We have a rich culture of youth agencies in the region and some very talented workers - I'm excited to be part of this."

Lynn & Grover

Lynn Longworth

Chief Financial Officer/Financial Controller/Accountant

With more than 40 years of experience in the field, Lynn is BATForce's admin and finance superstar and has been part of the BATForce team for more than a decade.

Originally from Bolton in the UK, Lynn moved to Australia nearly 20 years ago and has called Geelong home ever since. As well as being a critical link in the BATForce chain, Lynn loves a laugh and often brings her retired seeing eye dog, Grover to work to keep office morale high.


Naomi Madigan

School Focused Youth Services Coordinator

Naomi has worked across many community sectors over many years. She has worked in the Not-for-Profit, Government and Sporting sectors, including various local governments, G21 and the Geelong Cats. She is highly experienced in community & program development, sport, communication and events.

Naomi works under the mantra of “Listen, Learn, Build and Deliver” to ensure that people remain at the forefront of everything that she does, and is passionate about ensuring projects are delivered to the absolute highest standard.


Kylie Fox

School Focused Youth Services Coordinator

Kylie has an extensive history working in education, employment and the not-for-profit sector throughout the Geelong region and South-West Victoria. Her goal has always been to support individuals to make successful pathway choices, whatever that may look like for them. Kylie prides herself on her ability to make connections and is a great believer in getting the little things right.

Outside of the office Kylie is a keen golfer, and has the undisputed best swing of the entire BATForce team.

stephen (2)

Stephen Keane

Marketing Manager

Stephen has extensive marketing expertise across a range of industries in both B2C and B2B markets. A digital marketing and copy specialist, Stephen has found that working for the not-for-profit sector within the Greater Geelong Community is rewarding and fulfilling in ways not common to other marketing roles.

When he's not strategising and executing a BATForce marketing campaign, Stephen loves skiing, playing the guitar and walking his dog Max at Ocean Grove Main Beach.

The BATForce Executive

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Cassandra Langdon


Cass has been working with young people for the past 13 years in a variety of roles. Starting out facilitating a youth leadership program and working her way through not for profit, government, and profit organisations, finally landing at the Gordon Tafe as a teacher.

With a Degree in Social Welfare, and half way through her Masters in Child and Adolescent Welfare, she teaches the Community Service, Youth, AOD, and Child Youth Family Intervention courses. She believes that staying engaged in the youth sector is vital to maintaining currency and keeping your finger on the pulse, which is why she has joined the Batforce team.


Frances McAloon

Executive Member

Frances works as a mental health social worker, senior practitioner, at Drummond St services Geelong. She enjoys working in a diverse organisation and getting to know the strengths of families as they rebuild relationships and communication through stressful life transitions.

Frances previously worked at Mackillop Refugee Services, at Bethany, in remote areas in Western Australia and many years in Melbourne in family support, out of home care and public policy in health and child protection. Supporting young people find their place in their families & communities through working with Batforce Exec is a great opportunity.

Annette Campbell Bethany Community Support

Annette Campbell

Executive Member

With an extensive background in private enterprise/business, and a degree in Public Health/Health Promotion, Annette holds the position as Team Leader Health Promotion & Prevention Gambler’s Help within Bethany Community Support; leading a team in Community Education, Community Engagement and Venue Support activities across the Barwon and Warrnambool South West Regions.

Annette values relevant, meaningful communication, with a focus on the determinants of health within our community from an economic, social and physical perspective. It is her aim to further raise gambling harm awareness by putting gambling addictive behaviour higher ‘on the radar’ through capacity building education and professional development opportunities across the Barwon, Warrnambool and South West regions of Victoria.

malcolm picture

Malcom Scott

Executive Member

Malcolm has been employed in the mental health, youth, AOD and homelessness community service sectors for over 20 years. Born and raised in Geelong, Malcolm moved to Sydney to complete a Bachelor of Science before working various roles in the New South Wales health sector.

Since returning to Geelong in 2013, Malcom has held key positions at Headspace and BCYF (Barwon Child, Youth and Family) and is currently a full-time trainer with the Bellarine Training and Community Hub. Malcolm is a strong believer in the role networks can play to support better outcomes for the people we support and that psychosocial supports are essential in supporting people to fulfill their potential.


Chris Lougheed

Executive Member

Chris works for Edmund Rice Education Australia Flexible Schools as part of the Nano Nagle Network of schools. He is a specialist in trauma informed education and has extensive experience working with young people who have disengaged from mainstream education settings.

Chris established the Geelong Campus of the Networks flexible schools and until 2020 lead this community. He now works as the Project Officer for the Network supporting a number of new initiatives to further support Young People to access relevant and appropriate education.

liz everist

Liz Everist

Executive Member

Liz has a broad range of experience in university, state and local government settings with a focus on initiation and implementation of projects, collaboration and community engagement.

Initially pursuing career in the architecture field, Liz holds a Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) from Deakin University and a Bachelor of Planning and Design from the University of Melbourne before ultimately shifting her focus to International Education with a Masters degree in Education from Monash University.

Liz currently manages engagement for The GROW (G21 Region Opportunities for Work) initiative, a joint mission of the G21 Regional Alliance and the Give Where You Live Foundation to address joblessness in the region.