School Focused Youth Service Programs

Find out how your school community can access School Focused Youth Services in 2021

The School Focused Youth Service Programs (SFYS) is funded by The Department of Education and Training and available across the BATForce region. All government and non-government schools are eligible to support cohorts of the school community who are at risk of disengaging from education.

Coordinators work collaboratively with schools to identify their needs and develop targeted programs to support students, families and schools. The coordinators are there to assist you with project development, reporting and evaluating throughout.

SFYS agencies are committed to evidence-based strategies to improve the outcomes for at-risk young people. 


To organise a School Focused Youth Service Program for your school or community organisation, click the button below. 

What do School Focused Youth Service Programs Look Like?

BATForce has developed hundreds of programs over the years. As long as the program fits the guidelines we can work with your school to tailor a program to fit, or purchase a pre-existing program that will best meet the needs of your school community.

 Examples of previously funded School Focused Youth Service Programs include:

Activate Program

Year level 5 to 12 | 6 to 8 Weekly Sessions

Focus – Using Physical Activity to Support Mental Health

Practical sessions where students participate in activity sessions, allowing them to experience a range of activities and discover what they like. Take home resources that students can complete with family members/friends. Activities that can be done at home with minimal equipment.

Connect Ed

Year level 5 to 9 | 1 Term

Focus – 3 Tier Whole School Intervention

1) 1:1 Short term support for targeted students who need assistance with engaging with school. 

2) Small group activity based therapeutic program within school hours. 

3) Whole of parent community parenting session either online or face-to-face negotiable.

Yoga Project

Year level 5 to 8 | 30 to 40 minute sessions

Focus – Using Yoga and Mindfulness to Support Your Mental Health.

Yoga sessions aimed at improving self-regulation skills with a focus on; learning about the brain, developing body awareness, learning tools to support students at times of stress or when they are experiencing anxiety. The program also explores the body, mindfulness strategies and yoga.

Moulding Transition

Year level 6 | 6 to 8 1-hour weekly sessions.

Focus – Preparing for the Transition into Secondary School and Associated Anxieties.

Using Claymation to create individual short films with a story about transition. This process allowed them to ‘unpack’ their own anxieties around the subject and work through possible ways to move through that anxiety and actively engage in their schooling post primary school.

Sense the Change

Year level 6 to 9 | 2 Terms

Focus – Improve Attendance and Connection to School. 

This group project aimed to engage the students in working respectfully, inclusively and being open to diversity whilst coming together to plan a garden project. This helped developed students confidence, connection to school and ownership of the space.


Year level 5 to 8 | 6 to 8 weeks in 90 minute sessions

Focus – Improving Resilience and Self-Esteem 

Activity-based workshops designed for students who are experiencing anxiety and disengagement. Sessions look at exploring ways to manage anxiety, emotions, positive self-talk, strategies for regulating behaviour, risk taking and creating positive community connections.

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