This Weeks SCOE CHAT

Please read the following documents before completing the questions below. 

  1. Geelong Advertiser: All the latest Geelong health news for the week of June 7.
  2. Without Suspicion: Toward Fair & Impartial Policing. 
  3. Strategic Youth Justice Advocacy Plan.
  4. Smart Justice: Framing & Messaging. 
  5. Liberating Language -Language Analysis. 
  6. Media Narrative Mid-2017.

What is SCOE CHAT?

SCOE CHAT is for all students studying YOUTH WORK, MENTAL HEALTH, COMMUNITY, DISABILITY and or AOD streams of study. 

In 2020 the region responded to the COVID interruption by beginning the COE CHATS. They were simple an online space for local services, students, and volunteers to come together and provide each other with support, network, collect information and build the capacity of our local service sector.

In 2021 we are shaking things up a bit an inviting anyone who is studying the above streams to come together for a ‘mini community of practice’ to further enhance what they have learnt through their formal learning stream.

What does it look like?

• A topic is presented by a panel of industry experts

• You will go away with a ‘wicked problem’ to resolve from the session with other classmates

• You will be invited back to discuss potential solutions with the experts.

• This is a great learning opportunity for preservice crew to take a step further into a sector they hope to work in whilst being supported by local trainers and industry experts.


Please read the following documents before completing the questions below. 

  1. COE Student Scenario
  2. Geelong Advertiser Article 1
  3. Geelong Advertiser Article 2 
  4. Geelong Advertiser Article 3