Trello is helping Geelong based school leavers.

The Challenge Facing Local School Leavers.

Moving from school and into workforce can be a tough task for local school leavers (based in Greater Geelong/Surf Coast/Golden Plains Shire and the Borough of Queenscliff) at the best of times. 

Knowing the right steps to take for a career, occupation or gap year can involve untangling a lot of confusion and jargon

And every young person has a different path. Some will leave school earlier than others. 

Those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and those living with disabilities may need more relevant information to their specific circumstances.

The Problem of Up-To-Date Info.

Because critical information is constantly being updated it can be very difficult to distribute information about the transition from school to young people effectively and accurately. 

With all of the dramatic changes presented by 2020, what might have been relevant to a school leaver in 2019 may longer be useful to a young person finishing school in 2021. Even changes from earlier in 2021 might be out of date as this article is being written (March, 2021). 

Trello Boards are helping overcome this problem. 


What's a Trello Board?

Trello is a collaborative tool that allows contributors to compile and regularly update information, resources and other assets.

It means being regularly update important information and resources for young people transitioning between school and their next big step. 

Trello specifically allows the organisation of information into ‘Boards.’ These can then be organised into categories based around topics. Imagine something similar to a whiteboard full of sticky notes, except each sticky note can contain far more information. 

Trello is helping Geelong based school leavers.
Trello Boards are helping BATForce distribute important information to Geelong-based school leavers.

Most importantly, Trello can be updated constantly and with ease. Therefore ensuring that the information viewed by school leavers is as up-to-date as possible. 

Where Can I Access the
BATForce Trello Boards for Local School Leavers?

The ‘Ready to Launch’ Pathways project Trello Boards provide an up-to-date, relevant and inclusive gold mine of information for Greater Geelong/Surf Coast/Golden Plains Shire/Borough of Queenscliff school leavers and the community supporting them. The project includes Trello Boards for:  

Education & Employment – This features a collection of resources for school leavers around employment, education training and pathways. 

Inclusive Pathways – This Trello Board features a collection of resources specifically tailored for school leavers living with a disability. 

Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Youth Support – Here those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds can find youth supports, programs and information for those from CALD communities looking to leave school.

There is additional information specifically for local school leavers on our
‘Ready to Launch’ page
. BATForce has additionally created Trello boards for information for other groups which can be found on our Trello webpage.


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