Trello Boards

An information source for young people and school leavers.

Ready to Launch Pathways Project Trello Boards.

Education & Employment

A collection of resources for school leavers around employment, education, training, and pathways.

Inclusive Pathways

A collection of resources designed for school leavers living with a disability.

CALD Youth Support

Information for culturally and linguistically diverse youth programs and supports for those from CALD communities looking to leave school.

Ready to Launch

Great tips and information to help you navigate any challenge that adulthood might throw at you.

Trello Boards Containing Additional Resources.

Support for Children and Young People aged 0-25

A range of educational, vocational and general health support for children and young people in the Geelong region.

Support for Individuals

Support and information for individuals relating to food, financial, accommodation and COVID focused aid.

Supports and Resources for Families

Support and information for families relating to food, financial, accommodation and COVID focused aid.

Colac-Otway Shire

Support and information specifically relating to those living in the Colac-Otway Shire.

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