Where Can You Get Emergency Food Relief in Geelong:  Feed Geelong 

An initiative of the Give Where You Live Foundation; Feed Geelong commenced in 2012 with the mission of addressing the Geelong region’s food insecurity crisis. By providing support to the Geelong emergency food relief system with cash and in-kind support, it ensures those most in need don’t go hungry. 

Feed Geelong aims to raise awareness of the food insecurity crisis on our doorstep whilst raising valuable funds to assist our region’s emergency food relief system which is working on a daily basis helping the men, women, and children in our community who are struggling to put three nutritious meals on the table each day. 

There are many organisations that provide food assistance in the local Geelong region. Feed Geelong has prepared a When You Can Eat document that contains the most current information regarding who, how, when, and where food assistance is currently available across the Geelong region. 

No one deserves to go hungry

An estimated 717,883 meals are provided by the food assistance system in Geelong every year

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