Helping to understand the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace

The Give Where You Live Foundation was funded by WorkSafe’s WorkWell program to lead a WorkWell Learning Network to devise tools and resources to help create mentally healthy and safe workplaces, especially for young employees.  

While the COVID-19 pandemic has posed many challenges, it has also increased recognition of the benefits of a mentally safe and healthy workplace and also the risks, especially in terms of legislation.  

We know that mentally healthy workplaces keep staff engaged, working safely and feeling happy at work.  About half of us will experience a mental health issue at some time in our lives, so improving the emotional and mental wellbeing of your workplace just makes (business) sense.  

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In partnership with Management Governance Australia and Barwon Adolescent Taskforce, the project collaborated with 20 small and medium businesses from across the G21 Region, as well as young workers, to co-design real solutions. 

In 2019, the project began by talking to employers and young workers from the construction, transport, manufacturing and health sectors, to understand their experiences of workplace mental health.  

The WorkCareFactor digital resource is an outcome of this co-design process. It aims to be a tool to help identify workplace problems, start conversations about the emotional health and wellbeing of young people in the workplace, and find practical resources to implement change.  

Tips and scripts for workplace conversations to improve communication, trust and mutual understanding

Policy and procedure templates, in clear and practical language, so that businesses can easily access the resources they need to meet their legal obligations, all in one place

Audio and flowchart stories to build awareness, exploring the ‘work related factors’ that can contribute towards emotional health and wellbeing

WorkCareFactor moving forward

The WorkCareFactor website is part of broader piece of work which will be supported by a consortium of organisations including; BATForce, Northern Futures, Management Governance Australia, Geelong Region LLEN and Encompass Community Services.

The project group aim to develop workshops for businesses as well as digital resources to continue to build on the success of the website.

The Illustrated Guide to Covid Conversations

The Illustrated Guide to Covid Conversations is an easy to follow guide to help you navigate difficult conversations with people you are trying to support. 

Predominantly focused on creating conversations about COVID and vaccination, the strategies can be adapted for a wide range of complex topics.  This click through guide has been designed for workers and anyone else who is navigating these challenging spaces.

The Illustrated Guide to Covid Conversations was supported by the Victorian Government.  Funded by Department of Families, Fairness & Housing (DFFH), developed by BATForce and driven by the CO+Chat members.